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Setting the Course: Optimise your Executive Search in Aviation

In every organisation, great leadership is indispensable. However, the volatile nature of the aviation sector makes it difficult to find competent leaders who can navigate crises effectively.

In such circumstances, engaging an executive search specialist is paramount.

Airlines frequently rely on their in-house recruitment or talent acquisition teams to identify executive candidates. However, is this strategy truly effective?

In this whitepaper, we debunk some common misconceptions about using recruitment consultancies for the search and selection of top-tier talent, as well as provide insights into the following key questions:​

  • What is executive search?

  • What advantages does engaging an executive search specialist offer?

  • What are some best practices for choosing the right executive candidate?

  • How can you ensure inclusivity and diversity in your board level team?

For further information, or if you're currently hiring, please contact us

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