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Total Flight Crew Management: A Guide for Airlines

The tangible benefits of outsourcing crew management

In recent decades, few industries have encountered rapid growth and change on the scale of the aviation industry.

Aviation is a highly dynamic sector that’s subject to regular challenges, such as fluctuations in fuel cost and seasonal dips in demand. In unpredictable markets, industry players need to respond in an agile way to changing conditions whilst always ensuring strict compliance with regulations and maintaining strong employee relationships.

This white paper discusses whether outsourcing total flight crew management to an accountable supplier can help airlines do just that. It examines:

  • What outsourced total flight crew management involves

  • Factors to consider when outsourcing your flight crew management

  • The key benefits of outsourcing total flight crew management

Join us in this evaluation of outsourcing crew management and discover how it could help your airline unlock a host of benefits.

Get your exclusive insight into total flight crew management, by downloading your free report today. Simply fill out the form opposite to download your copy, if you have any questions please feel free to contact our insights team at

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