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Magnetic MRO achieves its recruitment goals for B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructors with AeroProfessional’s recruitment expertise

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Magnetic case study
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Magnetic MRO, now operating under the brand name of Magnetic Group, was established in 1995 as the maintenance group of Estonian Air. The airline has come a long way since, earning prestigious awards such as ‘’Company of the Year’’, and ‘’Exporter of the Year, marking its reputable position in the aviation industry. With a remarkable journey since its inception, Magnetic sought AeroProfessional’s recruitment expertise to find B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructors. Leveraging AeroProfessional’s extensive experience in the MRO sector, Magnetic was able to access a large and trustworthy pool of qualified individuals to support its rapid expansion efforts.


As a specialist in heavy base aircraft maintenance, Magnetic needed to assemble a team of qualified B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructors. These instructors would be essential for guiding maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, ensuring regulatory compliance, and training maintenance technicians and engineers . With aircraft remaining in queues for maintenance, the demand surged, necessitating swift action from Magnetic to ensure its operations could keep pace with the increasing workload. 


AeroProfessional is a specialist recruitment consultancy with a strong track record of successful placements in various sectors within the aviation industry. Its expertise and reliability have built the company an enviable reputation worldwide, helping airlines to find the talent they need to fill their pipelines and meet growing demand.


Magnetic and AeroProfessional formed a collaboration in their search for experienced and highly qualified B1 and B2 instructors to deliver training to engineers for the A320 and B737 aircraft. AeroProfessional managed the end-to-end recruitment process, allowing Magnetic to fully focus on its operations.


AeroProfessional created a tailored recruitment strategy for the search and selection of experienced and qualified instructors to effectively deliver training to Magnetic’s engineering technicians, and contribute to Magnetic’s overall maintenance operations. To support the search and selection of the right candidates, AeroProfessional conducted marketing campaigns across various channels to advertise the B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructor positions.


The AeroProfessional team was meticulous in managing the end-to-end recruitment process, from the initial application reviews to scheduling first interviews. AeroProfessional ensured that the candidates demonstrated their skills and experience, as well as cultural fit, to determine whether they were suitable for Magnetic’s needs.


In addition to the pre-screening of applications, AeroProfessional took the responsibility of managing each candidate's account in their recruitment system, ensuring the accuracy of all information including their personal details, education, and career profile.


AeroProfessional played a pivotal role in organising and managing campaigns that drove exceptional engagement, attracting a substantial pool of skilled candidates for Magnetic's B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructor roles.


Following detailed interviews and careful consideration, AeroProfessional successfully hired instructors meeting all necessary criteria and Type-Ratings, promptly fulfilling Magnetic's hiring objectives, allowing them to continue operating to the highest standards.


Through effective coordination of interviews and issuance of formal offer letters, AeroProfessional facilitated Magnetic's successful hiring of B1/B2 A320 and B737 instructors. The newly onboarded instructors made positive contributions to Magnetic’s operations, enhancing their aircraft maintenance services and maintaining high standards.

Magnetic MRO engages AeroProfessional Limited to provide recruitment services for B1/B2 A320 & B737 Instructors. The candidates provided by AeroProfessional are experienced, very well informed of what is offered to them thanks to agency communication skills and always very motivated to work... as with my experience with other recruitment agencies I would recommend AeroProfessional the most.

Head of Training Unit at Magnetic MRO

Magnetic reference letter
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Magnetic MRO Reference Letter

Find out what Magnetic's Head of Training Unit had to say about the company's collaboration with AeroProfessional in their own words. 

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