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Find out how we supported Ukraine International Airlines with their pilot recruitment

Ukraine International Airlines Reference Letter


Ukraine International Airlines


I am writing to recommend the recruitment services of AeroProfessional Ltd.

I first heard from AeroProfessional in October 2009 and they have consistently maintained contact with me since that time. As deputy Vice President Flight Operations of a major International Airline, it has become apparent how valuable the services of a recruitment partner such as AeroProfessional can be.

AeroProfessional’s expertise in and knowledge of the the global Pilot market (Boeing) was critical in helping to source and secure a number of Type Rating Examiners, Instructors and also First Officers to support the introduction of a new B777 into our growing fleet.

The process initiated by AeroProfessional to provide support to our airline was second to none. The amount of transparent and frequent communication also put our minds at rest, that necessary requirements would be fulfilled.

We are an expending Airline in an extremely competitive field of long haul Boeing and Airbus operators. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending their services to both small and large carriers worldwide.

We have been fortunate to experience AeroProfessional’s management of the following processes:

  • Collection of candidate documents

  • Arranging telephone/face to face interviews with UIA

  • Follow up with relevant CAA’s of license verification of Pilots Licenses

  • Immediate communication to Pilots of any requirements/requests and information from UIA

  • Continued support throughout the engagement period

With superb results.

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