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Find out how AeroProfessional supports Hi Fly with their recruitment needs

Hi Fly Case Study


Hi Fly Case Study


I am pleased to confirm that Hi Fly has been using the services of AeroProfessional since April 2008 to provide flight deck, cabin crew, ground staff and engineers across our fleet of A319, A330, A340 and A380 aircraft. At this time we have 150 pilots, 5 engineers and 16 ground staff supplied by AeroProfessional.

AeroProfessional supports Hi Fly in the recruitment of crew, including the hosting of recruitment events in various countries, plus the provision and distribution of uniforms and other ad-hoc hiring missions, we may require. Furthermore, by contracting the crew on their own international payrolls, AeroProfessional take care of the important business of paying the crew the right amount of money on the right day, whilst also acting as a point of contact for any crew welfare issues.

AeroProfessional is not only the broker that we use to find flight crews, but they are certainly among the best. In the 11 years we have worked with AeroProfessional, the partnership between our companies has grown very strong. They are a capable business who we can rely on to provide the volume and quality of candidates we require, and their worldwide reach means that they can support our operators on a global basis.

We have no hesitation in recommending the services of AeroProfessional for the provision of flight crews.

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