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Qantas achieves its cabin crew hiring goals with AeroProfessional's industry-leading volume recruitment solution

Qantas case study
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Qantas is an Australian airline that was founded in Queensland in 1920. Since its early years, Qantas has remained steadfast in its vision to connect Australia with the world. Enduring numerous historical transformations, including privatisation in 1995, Qantas has emerged as a globally recognised leader in long-haul aviation, as well as for domestic flights within Australia. Seeking to expand its business endeavours, Qantas reached out to AeroProfessional to develop a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment process for new cabin crew at their London Heathrow base. This collaboration proved highly successful, resulting in a relationship that has lasted over a decade.


In 2006, Qantas needed to increase their cabin crew recruitment to meet their growing needs. 
The strenuous process of searching, selecting, interviewing, and screening candidates would surely take a significant amount of time away from the hectic daily activities of a large airline like Qantas. In addition, Qantas’ talent acquisition team was based in Sydney, Australia and had limited experience with the recruitment processes and regulations in the UK. The location and time difference between the two countries also posed an obstacle in managing recruitment in the UK. For these reasons, they made the decision to outsource these services to a specialist UK based company with the skills and experience needed to handle the hiring process from beginning to end, as well as maintain and adhere to Qantas’ usual administrative processes, which were unique to the aviation industry.


AeroProfessional is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in finding and matching the best aviation professionals with suitable roles, across various sectors in the industry. One of its key areas of expertise is in designing and implementing volume recruitment campaigns, using a robust and highly successful formula to deliver maximum results for airlines without compromising on quality.


Qantas reached out to AeroProfessional to find the best cabin crew members for their base in London Heathrow. Qantas trusted AeroProfessional to act on their behalf, as the selected candidates moved through the various stages of the process. This allowed AeroProfessional to maintain Qantas’s brand identity throughout the entirety of the recruitment and assessment processes.


AeroProfessional ensured that all of Qantas’s specific requirements were met. Those included brand protection, positive candidate experience, and process and system integration to ensure that AeroProfessional’s process and approach was aligned with the airline. To achieve that, AeroProfessional created and launched bespoke marketing campaigns on different marketing channels, to attract the right audience. One of Qantas’ key requests was to maintain the brand’s identity throughout the campaigns and emphasise their longstanding reputation which spans decades. It was also important that AeroProfessional embodied the values and ethos of Qantas during their interactions with candidates, reinforcing Qantas’ position as a leading airline in the industry.


AeroProfessional also ensured that all candidates had a positive and smooth experience as they went through the recruitment and screening process. The recruitment experts at AeroProfessional promptly managed the responses they received from interested candidates and followed up with them every step of the way. Once our recruitment specialists had pre-screened all the candidate applications, suitable candidates proceeded to the assessment stage which AeroProfessional organised and managed. The process aimed to check each candidate’s suitability, knowledge, and English language skills, necessary for fulfilling cabin crew duties.


Qantas actively participated in the recruitment and assessment processes to align the outcomes with their specific needs and requirements. AeroProfessional demonstrated a commendable flexibility and accommodating attitude throughout the entire process, particularly when faced with unexpected changes at short notice.


After completing the assessments, AeroProfessional contacted the successful candidates, offering them the cabin crew roles at Qantas. They conducted the necessary background checks to ensure the accuracy and compliance of all candidate information with the role requirements. This comprehensive process included thorough ID, reference, background and medical checks, as well as the collection of all necessary paperwork for creating their cabin crew contracts.


AeroProfessional's team-oriented approach facilitated a simple and efficient collaboration with Qantas, with regular feedback provided to the airline on the progress of the recruitment process. Additionally, they maintained close contact with all chosen candidates to negotiate starting dates and collect their signed contracts in a timely manner.


Qantas was pleased with the outcome of the recruitment process, as the candidates soon commenced their roles and contributed to their operations. From the beginning, it was evident that AeroProfessional was working in Qantas' best interests. They utilised their industry knowledge and connections to meet the airline's needs. This collaboration laid the foundation for Qantas and AeroProfessional's enduring long-term relationship, which continues to thrive today.


’Being selected as a trusted partner by a national carrier and brand as prominent as Qantas is an honour and privilege. But then for that partnership to continue to flourish over the course of nigh-on 20 years is a testament to AeroProfessional’s unique ability to both understand a client's unique needs and then go truly above and beyond in delivering on them. During our long-lasting relationship, Qantas even recognised the value AeroProfessional bring by awarding us a preferred supplier award. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Qantas well into the future.

Sam Sprules
Managing Director at AeroProfessional

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AeroProfessional adapted their working procedures to managing the recruitment process within our existing recruitment software allowing our internal HR team full transparency on the process. They successfully completed background checks to clear our internal security & background process. AeroProfessional consistently worked proactively with us in meeting our business needs and expectations. Our long-term relationship with them remains as strong as ever and I will continue to recommend their services to other organisations.

Kath Gregory

Cabin Crew Manager at Qantas

Qantas reference letter

Qantas Reference Letter

Find out what Qantas' Cabin Crew Manager had to say about the airline's collaboration with AeroProfessional in their own words. 

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