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Qantas Case Study


Qantas Case Study


I am pleased to confirm that Qantas Cabin Crew (UK) Ltd AeroProfessional Limited to provide a comprehensive end-to-end recruitment process for all cabin crew employed at our Heathrow base. Their services include initial advertising and response management, pre-screening of applications, setting up and coordinating group assessment days, managing crew medicals, undertaking ID reference-checks and coordinating the return of all new joiner contracts and paperwork.

The business model adopted by AeroProfessional is an ‘in-source’ partner one, meaning that from the point of view of each applicant moving through the recruitment process, they believe they are dealing directly with Qantas. This helps to maintain the high quality of employee that we recruit as well as supporting our brand identity. I am please to say that AeroProfessional has consistently  worked proactively with us in meeting our business needs and expectations. They have stayed flexible and accommodating, dealing with changes at short notice.

In all my personal dealings with AeroProfessional, I have always felt that their actions and recommendations have been in the best interest of Qantas. They clearly understand the market in which they operate and their ability to operate autonomously yet still meet our business timeline is commendable. I am confident in saying that the relationship that we have with AeroProfessional is the best example of a supplier partnership that I have come across in recent years.

I have been and continue to be, continually impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the entire team and the standards to which they deliver are second to none. Our 12 year relationship with AeroProfessional has been a mutually gratifying experience and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other similar organisations.

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