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AeroProfessional and IDGateway collaborate in support of Mental Health Awareness Week

AeroProfessional and sister company, IDGateway, recognise the importance of mental health

wear it green

and are committed to promoting a supportive and open environment, where everyone feels valued and heard.

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week (13-19 May 2024), we proudly embraced this year’s theme, ‘’movement’’, encouraging all team members across both businesses to compete in a 7-day Steps Challenge to boost their mental health, along with joining in for ‘Wear it Green Day’ in support of the cause!

Check out our leaderboard below to see which of our team members led the pack, and wore the crown of Steps Challenge winners!

steps challenge winners

Benefits of movement for mental health range from improved mood, reduced anxiety, lowered inflammation and stress, improved memory and concentration, increased confidence, improved sleep, and even increased social connectedness.

Mental well-being is crucial not only for personal happiness but also for our collective success. So, remember to keep finding your #MomentsForMovement to enhance your mental health and gain the great benefits that it can deliver!


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