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Engineer Skills Shortage: The Risk to Aviation’s Future

The aviation industry is facing significant disruption as the number of trained engineers dwindles while demand accelerates, according to the latest research from our experts at AeroProfessional.

In our White Paper “Engineer Skills Shortage: The Risk to Aviation’s Future”, our study reveals that 27% of the aircraft engineering workforce is set to retire in the next decade, while almost half are alarmingly considering moving to an alternative industry.

This stark decline flies in the face of growing demand for air travel and the skilled personnel integral to achieving that growth.

Our research indicates that, in addition to growing demand and a rapidly aging workforce, a combination of factors are driving the shortage. In our White Paper we delve in to these issues, discussing the future impacts to aviation and the potential steps the collective industry should take to meet the shortfall in aircraft engineers.

About AeroProfessional

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