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Top 10 tips for new cabin crew applicants

Cabin crew is the ideal job for many individuals, offering numerous benefits and unique experiences. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring cabin crew member, the field boasts significant demand, enabling candidates to secure roles with prestigious airlines worldwide and advance their careers. However, it's important to recognise that the role of cabin crew entails more than meets the eye. In addition to delivering exceptional service, cabin crew must consistently meet stringent safety requirements mandated by aviation regulations to ensure the safety of all passengers on board. As a recruitment consultancy specialising in aviation placements, we’ve helped thousands of candidates reach their career goals. In this article, we'll provide our top 10 application tips to enhance your prospects of securing a cabin crew role with your desired airline.

Cabin crew roles are in high demand

cabin crew on board

With travel demand on the rise and new airlines coming on the scene, the need for cabin crew will intensify. This means that as sky traffic increases, with airlines trying to catch up with demand, new opportunities will constantly arise for you to take advantage of. To succeed in your cabin crew application, you need to demonstrate the right qualities and experience to prove that you’re suitable for the role. Below, we have included some tips and advice that you can follow to boost your confidence and stand out from the crowd.  

Top 10 application tips to land your cabin crew role

Throughout our years of experience here at AeroProfessional, we have met countless ambitious individuals who have gone through the recruitment and assessment process for cabin crew from start to finish. As we have guided many candidates towards success, we have created a list of tips to help you maximise your chances at succeeding in your cabin crew application and recruitment process.

1. Research the role to make informed career decisions

If you’re just starting out in your career as cabin crew, or if you are thinking of pursuing it, it’s best to research the role to understand the duties and responsibilities, as well as what qualifications you need to take your first steps. Getting a full grasp of the expectations and the unique lifestyle associated with the role, will help you make the right decision on whether this is the job and lifestyle for you. Some airlines will also expect you to be away from home for long periods of time (20 days is not unusual for Charter Operations). Whereas other airlines that have primary hubs and fixed schedules would usually return their cabin crew members to their “home base” after each day of work.

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In addition, airlines will expect you to have all the necessary knowledge and awareness of the rigid aviation safety rules to have a successful cabin crew career. It’s critical that you have the right customer service, retail, and hospitality skills, as well as meet the physical requirements such as height and reach, and ability to swim unaided. You also need to prove your English language fluency, obtain your security and medical clearance, and the right to live and work in the desired location. 

2. Research the airline you are applying for

This is something that many candidates often overlook. While recruiters and airlines are aware that you may be coming from a different employment background, and that you may not have full knowledge of what the airline represents or how long it’s been in operation, they do expect you to at least do some research to find out some basic information about them. For example, gain awareness of the type of business-model and service they operate.

Showing that you’ve done your homework puts you in a much better position than having a more passive approach towards the application process. When you demonstrate that you have some knowledge of the airline, its history and culture, you show that you have a keen interest in working for it, which could give you an advantage.

3. Tailor your CV to highlight key skills

Recruiters and airlines receive numerous CVs daily. Each CV is carefully examined to ensure that the candidate’s skills and experience align with the role requirements. Whether you are a seasoned or a junior cabin crew member, you need to stand out from others by highlighting the most important and relevant skills on your CV to increase your chances at getting shortlisted.


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In addition, the overall presentation of your CV is equally important to employers. An easy-to-

read and well-crafted CV is always a better alternative to a poorly written and presented CV. So, make sure to pay attention to the details that can impact your application success. Adding a headshot and a full-length photograph to your CV has become a popular and effective way of making your application stand out.

4. Emphasise interpersonal skills

It’s important to remember that the cabin crew role is all about interaction with passengers, and giving people confidence that you are an approachable and trustworthy figure. As a customer-facing role, all cabin crew candidates need to demonstrate excellent communication skills, and demonstrate how they can create a positive experience for passengers. During your assessment, you’ll need to show that you are customer oriented, empathetic and accommodating to each customer’s different needs while understanding that your primary role is to ensure the safety and security of your passengers and colleagues on board.

5. Highlight language proficiency

English is the mother language of the aviation industry. As a global industry, aviation requires all cabin crew to be proficient in English to communicate effectively with passengers and other aviation personnel. Without a minimum ICAO English level 4 qualification, candidates will struggle to enter the industry. If you do meet the English language criteria, make sure to emphasise this on your CV, as it’s crucial to your application. If you speak any other languages, it’s always worth mentioning them on your CV as well, along with your proficiency level for each. This would be especially useful if you intend to apply in a country where the native language isn’t English.

6. Obtain necessary certifications

Ensure that you have the required certifications to qualify for cabin crew positions. If you wish to work for a European commercial airline, you would need to hold a valid Cabin Crew Attestation (CCA). This is essential for proving your competency in the cabin crew role, enabling you to perform the duties and responsibilities including following the overall safety standards and protocols of the aviation industry.

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It's also important to have copies of your certifications to hand to provide to recruiters as additional proof of your suitability for the role. For more details on what other qualifications you need to succeed in your application, check out our other article on How to become a cabin crew  which covers all the steps in more detail.

7. Show flexibility and adaptability

Highlight your ability to adapt to different situations and work schedules, as cabin crew roles often involve irregular hours and changing environments. By demonstrating that you are adaptable to the versatile lifestyle that the role requires, you are showing your readiness to thrive in dynamic and demanding situations. This adaptability is not only essential for meeting the diverse needs of passengers but also for effectively collaborating with fellow cabin crew members and ensuring smooth operations throughout flights.

8. Demonstrate teamwork

Highlight your ability to work harmoniously as part of a team, as collaboration is essential in the cabin crew role. Cabin crew members often work in groups, sharing responsibilities to fulfil duties and ensure a smooth operation. Your collaborative spirit and team-building abilities should be prominently featured on your CV, as they are critical qualities for success in the cabin crew role.

9. Stay informed

Keep up-to-date with industry news, trends, and regulations to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the aviation industry. As the industry copes with countless unpredictable events and crises over the years, it’s crucial that you stay alert and keep up with all the necessary training that might be required to consistently perform at a high level.

10. Maintain a professional appearance

Present yourself neatly and professionally in your application materials and during interviews. Although appearance may not be the top requirement that airlines prioritise, dismissing its importance can have a negative impact on your application. Presentability is a characteristic of cabin crew members as they must represent the airline brand with a professional and polished image. While appearance is not the sole determinant of a cabin crew member's suitability for the role, it plays an important part in shaping passengers' perceptions and contributes to the overall success of the airline's operations.


Cabin crew members are an integral part of every flight as they ensure that all passengers feel comfortable and safe during their short or long-haul journey. They are also responsible for performing pre and post-flight checks, responding quickly in times of emergency, and providing passengers with any medical assistance or guiding them through any emergency landings or evacuations. Cabin crew are specifically trained to provide excellent customer service and a positive experience to everyone on board.


cabin crew uniform

As a competitive field, it can be challenging for applicants to distinguish themselves in a large pool of cabin crew candidates. Ultimately, showcasing your flexibility and resilience helps to position you as a valuable asset in the fast-paced world of cabin crew, ready to excel in any scenario that may arise. The tips we’ve provided can help new cabin crew applicants and candidates navigate the application process and improve your chances of success in securing a position at your desired airline.


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