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5 reasons why industry specific recruitment specialists are more likely to land you a job

The journey towards finding a job in aviation can be lengthy. With airlines still battling severe labour shortages, many are partnering with recruitment consultancies to ramp up their efforts in the search and selection of the right aviation talent across different sectors. Similarly, candidates often rely on recruitment specialists to access more opportunities and navigate the aviation market more strategically. However, not all recruitment companies are industry specialists, with many taking a more agnostic approach to the sectors they cover. So, what are the benefits of partnering with an aviation-specific recruiter?

Why you should register with industry specific recruiters

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The role of a recruitment specialist is to serve as the intermediary between the airline and the candidate, and coordinate the entirety of the hiring process. While generalist recruitment consultancies can offer broad advice and guidance to assist you in your job hunting journey, they may lack the in-depth expertise needed to navigate the intricacies of an industry.


Aviation is a highly specialised field and therefore requires expert industry knowledge in order to help candidates land the role that best suits them. If you are on the hunt for your next aviation role, finding an aviation recruitment specialist who could match your skills and experience with the right position can greatly increase your chances of success.


Here are 5 additional reasons why you should register with an industry specific recruitment consultancy to maximise your hiring prospects.

1. Receive industry knowledge and expertise

Aviation recruiters are industry specialists. Often having worked within aviation themselves in some capacity, they understand the nuances of the industry, including specific job roles, requirements, and trends. This specialised knowledge is invaluable in matching you with suitable positions, as well as putting you in the right direction so that you can further progress your career.

2. Access exclusive vacancies, especially for senior roles

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Aviation recruiters often have access to exclusive job opportunities within the industry. By registering with them, you can expose yourself to a broader range of aviation-related positions that may not always be advertised through traditional channels such as job boards or LinkedIn. This particularly applies to C-level roles, which are not usually publicly advertised. If you are a C-level candidate looking for your next aviation role, you can maximise your chances with the help of an aviation specialist recruiter.

Executive search is often confidential in nature as airlines rely on aviation search and selection specialists to help them find the best suited senior candidates for their organisation. Airlines are more likely to enlist the services of an expert aviation recruitment consultancy that has the relevant contacts, knowledge, and expertise to take a more strategic and targeted recruitment approach to attract quality candidates. By adding yourself to their candidate network, you’ll enable airlines to find you more easily, giving yourself an advantage.

3. Save time on your job hunting

Finding a job is a time-consuming process. According to a recent survey on LinkedIn, 80% of candidates need a minimum of 3 months to land a job. In the aviation industry, it’s common for candidates to take on fixed term contracts, such as aircraft maintenance personnel, pilots, cabin crew, and more. For those on fixed-term contracts waiting this long to move to the next opportunity can be financially and professionally challenging. Hence, registering with an aviation recruitment specialist can offer them opportunities for faster career advancement.

4. Network with industry professionals


Industry-specific recruiters have extensive networks within the aviation industry. One industry connection can often lead to another, presenting you with more job opportunities where you can thrive. Specialised recruitment consultancies can help you tap into these networks, form strong connections, and develop further as a professional.  

5. Receive tailored support

Aviation recruiters provide tailored support to candidates throughout the job search process. They can offer advice on CV writing, interview and assessment preparation, and career development information specific to the aviation industry, helping candidates present themselves effectively to potential employers. Specialised recruiters can also provide you with insights into current market trends, salary expectations, and in-demand skills within the aviation sector. This information can help you to make informed decisions about your career paths and job applications.

Connections are everything in aviation

The aviation sector, like most industries, thrives on relationships and connections. Aviation recruitment consultancies understand the value of building and maintaining a broad network of applicants at all levels, including those currently employed in the sector searching for their next big step, as well as those trying to enter the field through entry-level roles.


If you decide to search for a job independently, you run the risk of missing out on networking opportunities with industry professionals, and being noticed by potential employers. Similarly, if you register with a generic recruitment consultancy with no background in aviation, your opportunities can be significantly limited, as they lack the necessary contacts to place you in suitable roles. This can severely restrict your options, prolong your job search, and cause you to miss out on good opportunities.


An aviation specialist recruiter knows the ins and outs of the industry, having gained extensive  experience and knowledge from industry partners. They understand the requirements, and are also qualified to provide you with further career advice and guidance if needed.

What to bear in mind overall

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If you are new to aviation and looking to get your foot in the door, registering with a recruitment consultancy is your best option. Not only will you have the opportunity to access a large network of industry professionals and organisations seeking new talent, but you will also become part of a large candidate pool that airlines can access through the consultancy in their search for aviation personnel. By leveraging their specialist industry expertise, you can gain valuable insights to better understand what airlines are looking for, and how you can further enhance your CV to stand out.


For seasoned aviation professionals, including C-level candidates, working with an aviation recruitment specialist can be equally beneficial. These specialists can guide you towards the most suitable opportunities, and connect you with the right people in the industry. Drawing on your experience and qualifications, they tailor their search to match your specific career goals and aspirations.

Looking for your next aviation role?

Every year we help hundreds of individuals find rewarding new roles within the aviation industry. Working with a variety of airlines from across the world, we provide an end-to-end service that matches you with the right aviation role, in the right organisation.

Looking to hire?

The AeroProfessional team are specialists in the recruitment and selection of aviation professionals across the globe. Reach out to the team today to discuss your current hiring challenges and gain the expert advice and guidance you need to ensure your hiring strategy gains maximum success.



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